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Registered: April 10, 2008
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Hi all.
I am from Maryland and due to the lack of hunters in my area, I usually find far more than I can eat or care to save (I know, many of you probably wonder how that could be possible).
I found a chef in a DC restaurant who is interested in possibly buying some of my morels. Not knowing what he would normally pay, I am uncertain what to charge.
In other discussions, I have heard anywhere from $25.00 to $35.00 a pound is what the going rate usually is. I would think that a chef might be paying a middleman and is charged much more than that but am not sure if my thinking is correct. With the price of gas, I estimate I will need to charge at least $35.00.
I just want to give him a price that is less than what he normally pays but enough for me to be worth it.
Anyone have experience doing this?


Registered: March 2, 2007
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The restaurant pricing is always an interesting subject, I have done research on selling to various restaurants for the past 12 years.  My area pricing here in Idaho would be less than what you should be able to obtain.

Right now morels are worth more in price due to being early in the season.  If your chef has morels on the menu most of the year then you can dry your excess to sell during winter.

As morels come in from commercial areas in North America as well as other world wide providers the price will often drop to what ever the market will bear.

Be sure to never deliver verpas or other false morels unless they are requested because if a customer gets ill you will loose your customer base quickly and possibly face charges.

If you provide local morels that are clean and premium then you can usually command a price higher than the commercial distributors. 

Often a chef will tell me exactly how much he has to pay for fresh morels and I can negotiate a higher price for myself by showing that my product is superior to what he has been getting.

I would suggest that you contact a few morel brokers, produce companies etc in your state or near by and see what it would cost you to purchase morels.  I would ask for the chef's price and if selling to a C0-Op or produce market you should be able to sell for higher than chef pricing.

Good Luck

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Registered: April 22, 2008
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Bill...i'm considering the same thing, except this is only the first year that I have found more than 100.  I have sent some to a chef I know and he was really appreciative.  There is a guy at the farmers market under 83 downtown that sells just mushrooms.  You might be able to unload your excess with him.  Sunday mornings before 12 noon.

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